The Festival through the eyes of the artists

The Festival de la Vézère seen through the eyes of the artists

Testimonies of a few artists who played at the Festival de la Vézère

Barbara Hendricks

« Since my first unforgettable recital in1985 inside le Saillant’s barn, surrounded by nature and animals, I have become loyal to this festival. Kudos to all of those who took part to this successful event. »

Bryan Evans

« We have created Diva Opera in 1997 and every year since 1998, our band performs in la Vézère. All our pieces have been played in the festival. To us, coming to la Vézère, is just like coming home. We are part of the family and our performances in Le Saillant are always the climax of our artistic season. »

Alain Duault

« The Festival de la Vézère has two major assets : first, it is held in the vicinity of a marvelous place, this house standing proudly, surrounded by water and trees which leaves shiver in the evening air, when the moment to share the music comes. Next, it is carried on by Isabelle du Saillant, who you understand quickly that she put all her soul into it and that she definately knows how to chose the artisitic flowers composing her musical bouquet each year. »

Kirill Troussov

 « The Festival de la Vézère means a lot to me. I have already came here a few times to play and I have to say that, every time, it is a special experience to me. It is a wonderful place to play 

and to appreciate the music. The whole atmosphere of the festival is amazing – everything here is in perfect harmony and filled with the love of music and players. Outstanding places where the concerts take place, a beautiful environment, a sensitive, careful and welcoming audience that breathes along with you during the show, the flawless organization of the festival – all of this makes this festival a magical place.

Everytime I come here, it seems like I arrive in a beautiful musical family. I enjoy playing here, feeling this positive and passionate energy, as well as these intense emotions during the performance. There is a very special connexion between the artist and the festival’s audience.

I wish this wonderful Festival de la Vézère and its team the best on its 35th birthday and I hope that this outstanding human and musical experience never ends ! »

Abdel Rahman El Bacha

Interview of Abdel Rahman El Bach recorded during his visit in August 2014 :