Corrèzian heritage sites

Le festival de la Vézère shimmers on the water's edge…  

The festival has its origines along the shores of the river Vézère. It has grown over the years, little by little, and spread down the riverside from town to town, from shore to shore, but always following the flow of the water.

The idea behind the festival in the beginning was to organise and put on concerts in riverside villages, put them in the spotlight, and breath life into local cultural heritage sites by bringing high quality music to Corrèze region over the summer months. The premise of providing a high quality product remains our major objective in organising programmes. For the last 38 years, the Festival de la Vézère has livened up nearly 30 venues and it continues to find new ones. Aubazine, Objat and Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne are some of the more recent venues the festival has travelled to.


Ensemble des villes où des concerts ont eu lieu Ensemble des villes où des concerts du Festival de la Vézère ont eu lieu depuis sa création - extrait de Google Maps

Locations where Le Festival da la  Vézère has put on concerts . Google Maps excerpt