«Mozart's masterpiece (...) has rarely been so ryhmically intense, notably during the act II. You quickly get used to the absence of choir and to sets, changing in the middle of the performance. During the graveyard scene, the Commander's ingenious stone-like costume tricked the crowd into thinking he was a statue. (...) This performance, led by Bryan Evans' poweful and careful playing, was a real success.»

Translation of Opéra Magazine , October 2014

«More than thirty years after it was created, the festival's ambitions have not changed : introducing the beauty of clasical music to a younger and more various audience. In this purpose, the programme features a lot of various types of concerts, but always of great quality, given on different locations, among which Objat's church and Aubazine's Cistercian abbey church.»
Translation of an article uploaded on Le Point 's website, 07/19/2014

« (...) Concerts take place until August 24. World-class artists, alone or as part of -ensembles, have been performing since the 18th of June. The 34th edition confirms the success of this classical music festival.» 
France 3 Limousin , 08/19/2014

«Fluidity, smoothness, and most of all, a remarkable deepness. All the elements for an exceptional last concert were gathered, on Saturday evening. Piano player Abdel Rahman El Bacha gave a very large audience a wonderful performance based of Chopin.»
La Montagne , 08/25/2014

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