Choir chant lessons with Voces8

Choir singing lessons with Voces8

Trois centres de Brive réunis pour les ateliers

Almost 200 students rallied aroud this project

With the support of the French Ministry of Education, the Festival de la Vézère initiated an education and social insertion programme through music which involved 150 students from Uzerche primary school and 6th grade. The children have been given choir singing lessons by the British vocal ensemble Voces8 during which they have been taught voice warming-up, vocal and breath exercises, body percussion, etc, all in English!
The theme for the two shows given on May 23rd and 24th was « Hymn to Our Home ».

Brive’s socio-cultural centres also took part to these lessons.

After the success of last year’s workshop with the band Apollo5, the Festival de la Vézère decided to take up the challenge once again! Thus, 45 children from impoverished suburbs have taken part to these workshops. Just as their counterparts from Uzerche, they will train their voice, their breath and their body in a recreational and educational way.
Collaborating with Le 400, a team of e-reporters has gotten some footage and interviews during March and April workshops as well as during the children’s concert, given on May 23rd at Saillant’s Castle.
French TV broacast company France 3 has produced a report of the first workshop that you can watch there.

Voces8 and the children walked on stage for Festival de la Vézère opening concerts!

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Voces 8 à Uzerche
Salle comble
Voces et choeur d'enfants
Prêt à monter sur scène
Voces8 au Saillant
Après le concert
Voces8 et équipe