Choir singing lessons with Voces8

Choir singing lessons with Voces8

For the third year in a row, the Festival de la Vézère reiterates its artistical and cultural educative actions with the famous English musical ensemble Voces8.

2018: Our actions towards choir singing is developing

This year, 270 young children from Corrèze from 8 to 14 years old will discover or discover the choir singing anew thanks to dynamic and pedagogical working groups which combine vocal exercices, body percussion, and breath management... All in English and leaded by international artists!

The theme for the two shows given on May 31st and June 1st is « A Night at The Movies ».

3 working group sessions are planned from January and April 2018 for the 4 schools concerned by these educative actions: the high school Eugène Freyssinet in Objat, the high school Jean Moulin in Brive, the high school Gaucelm Faidit, and the school des Buges in Uzerche and also Brive's socio cultural centres.

Initiated by the Festival de la Vézère and with the support of the French Secretary of State for Culture and of Brive's town hall; these working groups are a playful way to promote classical music to future generations, to develop their artistic sensibility, and to offer them means for a personal fulfilment.

Let's meet in the end of May for the final concerts that will open the 38th Festival de la Vézère!


French TV broacast company France 3 has produced a report of the first workshop that you can watch there.

Voces8 and the children walked on stage for the Festival de la Vézère opening concerts!

Voces 8 à Uzerche
Salle comble
Voces et choeur d'enfants
Prêt à monter sur scène
Voces8 au Saillant
Après le concert
Voces8 et équipe

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- Pictures : Creafix-studio

- Youtube video (footage and edition) : Enzo Hilbert