(re)Discover Opera : Rossini's La Cenerentola

Rendez-vous on Friday August 11th at 6:00 PM and on Sunday August 13th at Le Saillant's castle.

Festival de la Vézère's notorious "Opera Week-end" is back at Le Saillant's castle : the british theatre group DIVA OPERA will perform Rossini's La Cenerentola (Cinderella) and Puccini's La Bohème .

In order to give everyone the opportunity to discover this masterpiece, La Cenerentola will be performed twice during the week-end : on Friday August 11th at 6:00PM and on Sunday 13th August at 8:00PM. Friday's performance, entitled "Family opera", is a good occasion to introduce the youngest to Opera. They can also enjoy a backstage tour at 5:00, during which they will meet the actors, attend the rehearsals, etc.

Don't hesitate anymore !

Though Cinderella, Charles Perrault's and the Grimm brothers' popular tale, is very famous, it is not exactly the version that people expect when it curtains up for La Cenerentola .
In this joyful drama, captioned "Le Triomphe de la bonté" ("The triumph of kindness"), the audience joins the heroine, Angelina, in her adventures, singing Rossini's sweetest melodies along with Prince Ramiro's.

Marta Fontanals-Simmons, Cinderella
Martin Lamb, Don Magnifico
Ashley Catling, Don Ramiro

Entrance fee
1st block : 45 euros
2nd block : 40 euros
Reduced fee for youngsters : 15/20 euros
Special offer for Friday August 11th : a reduced fee ticket bought = -10 euros on a normal fee ticket

10 boulevard du Salan - 19100 BRIVE
05 55 23 25 09